03 January 2012

let me sleep at night...

I can't sleep at night lately
guess my insomnia is coming back
and I can't do anything bout it
just follow the flow

and lot of my friends suggest that I should drink warm milk before sleep to overcome this so called 'insomnia' but it won't work on me.
but somehow,i still try to not make it worse
jogging is one of my way to make me feel tired then i can sleep early
I used to jog a lot back then in MSU since apartment MAIS is near to tasik shah alam.

here, the lapangan (field) is quite far from my kost so am bit lazy to go jog.
so if my local friends ask me to join them playing badminton,
i'll definitely join them.

by the way,happy new year peeps...:)

p/s : 1 more month i'll be in MALAYSIA yeayy!!!