16 November 2011


rasa sangat lapar..
tapi xde sape nak teman pergi makan dekat kedai
so xkeluar makan dinner la harini
sanggup xmakan sbb xde org teman
that's me..hihi

so untuk hilangkan rasa lapar buat milo makan biskut cukupla
nak upgrade restaurant city
novel pinjam dkt member xbaca lagi
assignment pon xsiap lagi
kenapa la rasa MALAS sgt ni
p/s homesick tapi nak balik mesia utk cuti smggu kna byr tiket,tax smua almost rm1k,rase cam melampau lak.xpe.sabar2 feb xlama dh..chaiyok umai fighting!!!

14 November 2011


as a med student, feeling stress are common
but on last weekend all my stress are gone
why? simply because of the camping.
here,camping is a tradition and a must for new juniors.
seniors are allowed to orientate them but strictly no physical contact.
and I was lucky enough to become a station master.
at my station, juniors have to play the game and finish it on time.
those who fail to do so will get a punishment.
purposely, I set up a hard game so that all of them can't finish the game.
haha evil me..
but new juniors are very lucky coz their camping are not that
hard and worst like my batch had last year.huhu..it's not fair.
I think 1photo would be enough to tell the story ;)

09 November 2011


dear blog,
I have a problem..
and I don't have anyone else to talk to,beside you.
someone is giving me excuses or better known as a lie since she is a good liar.
I know I have a problem with anger management,
that's why I always keep my mouth shut.
instead of letting me cool down first, she's overreacted.
she blamed me for not listening to her so called 'explanations'
while make an annoying face to show that she is angry.
and I was like erkkk =.='
I'm the one who should get angry since she lied to me,
and she knows it but still trying to explain even though we both know it was a lie.
I can't tell what's the lie all about blog,
but should I endure this?
since we know liars will keep on tell lies
and it's not the first time she lied to me.
thanks for listening blog..love you.