13 January 2012

lazy night..

tonight i don't feel like doing anything
I juz wanna lay in my bed
and online till i get bored

I still have to finish my assignment,
study for block xm and osce and bla bla bla...
yet I ignore them for a while..hihi

oh yaa I read my sister's blog..her name is siti zulaiha
and i was like 'wow'..she changed her blog template
and add other stuff.it's cool!!!
I'm thinking to change my blog too but yeahh NO
too lazy to do that.
guess my current template is cute enough
U guys agree right..hihi
masuk bakul angkut sendiri..

well enough for today..see u next time blog..love you

p/s : another 19days and I'll be back in Malaysia ♥♥♥♥♥