15 July 2013

jual ikan

huhu..i'm not selling a fish or anything *except for herbalife products*
just want to share something bout this post title...i've seen and have been through a lot within these 3 years in Bali...and for the next two and half years..but dealing with those selfish people are the things that i hate the most..i don't know why it always happen to me..am i too nice? helping people cause i pity them and i know if i could then i should help in return when i'm in need they are there to help me. but it won't happen..and here i am posting a post to share the feeling of a loner who doesnt have anyone to rely on when in need..disappointment aren't gonna solve anything umairah...brace up..face the world!!! Allah is there for you..Always...

*a special thanks to k.nawa yang dah dengar curhat = curahan hati
feel relieved after having a whatsapp session with you ;)