20 November 2012


I'ts been a while since my last post on jan this year..now is already at the end of year..precisely, november..so it's quite long though..
i juz happened to download this blogger apps for my ipad..got this ipad as a gift from both of my parents..i'm not a BIG fan of electronic stuff..but i'll try my best to use it wisely.

Back to the main topic..CHANGE...yeah everyone want to improve themselve to be better..so do I...but i dunno how to start it..n i'm afraid of changing..how am i suppose to change? what if i'm not fully ready? is this the right thing to do? should i just stay the same?..these questions always come up on my mind.

Now i have the courage..thanks Allah..eventhough it's a bit late..but i'll try my best..step to step for a better tomorrow..inshaAllah..:)