19 December 2012

first time

first time...
i know i shouldn't
but i can't stand to think bout this all the time
before it goes deeper..
before i can't handle it..
i should...

eventhough i know the outcome
that it eventually not my favor
i have to gather my courage
and put this to an end

it may be hard at first,
but somehow i did it
and to my suprise...
i managed to get over it.

13 December 2012


perasaan marah,bengang,benci,kecewa semua ada
huhu...duhai hati bersabarlah

02 December 2012

endocrine xm

xm is coming
lots to cover
time is ticking
I end up with blogging
and doing unnecessary thing
typical me..Umairah

23 November 2012


How i wish I'm in a cold country wearing a trendy nice looking winter coat..

p/s: I know I will someday...;)

20 November 2012

here it comes

Alhamdulillah...after berpanas terik berbulan-bulan, akhirnya musim hujan tiba juga..
inshaAllah musim hujan kali xkan naik berat dgn adanya HERBALIFE...wee..


I'ts been a while since my last post on jan this year..now is already at the end of year..precisely, november..so it's quite long though..
i juz happened to download this blogger apps for my ipad..got this ipad as a gift from both of my parents..i'm not a BIG fan of electronic stuff..but i'll try my best to use it wisely.

Back to the main topic..CHANGE...yeah everyone want to improve themselve to be better..so do I...but i dunno how to start it..n i'm afraid of changing..how am i suppose to change? what if i'm not fully ready? is this the right thing to do? should i just stay the same?..these questions always come up on my mind.

Now i have the courage..thanks Allah..eventhough it's a bit late..but i'll try my best..step to step for a better tomorrow..inshaAllah..:)

20 January 2012

hampir kehilangan kerana cuai dan lalai...

alkisahnya bermula...
tadi supposed ada meeting dengan orang insurans dekat dunkin donuts pukul4
dah datang tu tgk2 org tu xde and postponed kul530pm
so lepak jap dekat situ dengan azren n amin
then,untuk membuang masa sementara tunggu org insurans tu datang pukul530,kuar jap pergi Ramayana nak draw duit and beli makanan sikit.
masa keluar dari mall baru realized kunci moto xde.sah2 tinggal dekat moto lagi
BUT this time moto xde...
seriously time tu memang dah kecut and padahal baru je tadi cerita dengan azren and amin ritu tertinggal kunci moto dekat moto and Alhamdulillah semua xde yang curi.
masa tu xnangis lagi and pergi tanya guard dekat dalam mall tu macam mana nak buat report hilang motor semua.
orang tu suruh pergi dekat guard post.
then pergila dekat guard post tu
dekat situ ramai guard and die mintak stnk
masa tu xnampak lagi motor
rupa2nya diorang alih parking dekat dgn post diorang since ade kunci moto dekat motor takut ade yang curi.
ya Allah masa tu bersyukur sangat dan baru nangis masa jumpa tu
ucap thanks banyak2 dekat guard2 tu.
kalaulah bukan guard2 tu yang jumpa memang sekelip mata motor hilang
xtau kenapa cuai and lalai sangat
asyik tertinggal kunci moto dekat tempat yang sama macam dah terkena sumpahan lak
lesson learnt from hard way..

p/s : janganlah cuai dan lalai macam saya.kali ni mungkin bernasib baik.lain kali kita xtau..:(

19 January 2012


ade orang cakap kalau tak pernah fail paper tu bukan budak medik la namanya
huhu tapi ade je member2 xpernah fail sejak xm dari first year lagi.
haish UNUD ni tinggi sangat passing mark.sampai 70
less than that kena repeat paper..
kesian dekat orang yang pemalas belajar cam aku ni
susah nak pass.
emo sekejap tadi result blok ke-3 kuar and xpass..
if xpass means kena repeat paper,if kna repeat paper means cuti sikit
itula yang menyedihkan.dapat 2minggu je cuti tuk balik mesia nanti..sob3x
xpela sabar2..atleast dah pass blok 1 and blok 2 kan
so sekarang belajar sungguh2 jawab xm blok 4
and makesure kena pass so that xdela kena repeat banyak paper.
semoga segala urusan dipermudahkan oleh Allah s.w.t

p/s : ERP dah siap buat..elaun xmasuk lagi nak shopping ni.xsabarr nak balik...wee~ :)

15 January 2012


*old pic..when will we meet again?

this post is special to you mira
showing how grateful I am to have bestfriend like you
even we didn't contact each other frequently,
we still love each other..
even we didn't spend most of the time together,
we'll share our best and sad moment together
even we're far away from each other
we're never apart.

p/s: thanks to her finally I have the courage to settle my problem..❤ ❤ ❤

14 January 2012

problematic Me..

I have this one problem..
it's hard for me to get close to people
I've tried..seriously
but I feel awkward around them.
and I don't like that feeling
that feeling like some criminal is staring at you
like you're walking alone in the street and everyone is watching you
like you're in the new place alone far far away from your family and hometown.
so I choose to stay friends with those I feel comfortable with.
and whom I didn't,I'll just say hi and bye..

I'm in dilemma sometimes..
but, thanks to my family and friends who understand me
who stay with me,who support me,who love me..
those who didn't, I don't care..

13 January 2012

lazy night..

tonight i don't feel like doing anything
I juz wanna lay in my bed
and online till i get bored

I still have to finish my assignment,
study for block xm and osce and bla bla bla...
yet I ignore them for a while..hihi

oh yaa I read my sister's blog..her name is siti zulaiha
and i was like 'wow'..she changed her blog template
and add other stuff.it's cool!!!
I'm thinking to change my blog too but yeahh NO
too lazy to do that.
guess my current template is cute enough
U guys agree right..hihi
masuk bakul angkut sendiri..

well enough for today..see u next time blog..love you

p/s : another 19days and I'll be back in Malaysia ♥♥♥♥♥

03 January 2012

let me sleep at night...

I can't sleep at night lately
guess my insomnia is coming back
and I can't do anything bout it
just follow the flow

and lot of my friends suggest that I should drink warm milk before sleep to overcome this so called 'insomnia' but it won't work on me.
but somehow,i still try to not make it worse
jogging is one of my way to make me feel tired then i can sleep early
I used to jog a lot back then in MSU since apartment MAIS is near to tasik shah alam.

here, the lapangan (field) is quite far from my kost so am bit lazy to go jog.
so if my local friends ask me to join them playing badminton,
i'll definitely join them.

by the way,happy new year peeps...:)

p/s : 1 more month i'll be in MALAYSIA yeayy!!!